Letter from the Owner

5 Jun 2017 Uncategorized

It all started in a small office with blue walls and a quirky logo. Here I was, a fresh faced chiropractor 6 months out of school ready to start my own business. I remember the first patient who ever walked through my door and how excited I was to help this woman. Fast forward, over the next two years I was blessed to treat over 1500 patients and have seen and learned so much about healthcare.

I thought to myself, “What if there was a practice where where sports medicine, physical therapy and chiropractic physicians came together? Where doctors put their pride aside and collaborated on the best treatments from these three fields in the perfect combination to find the best answer for the patient.”

Now there is! Introducing Arizona Medical and Sports Rehab where we believe collaboration is the best way away from the “sickcare” that our healthcare system has become.  We treat the root of pain, not just the symptom.  True preventative care comes with education and daily lifestyle choices.  We write this blog to provide you with advice, exercises and information to help you on your journey to health!  Healthcare is a team sport! Our team is ready, are you?

Dr. Josh Adams, DC

Owner of Arizona Medical & Sports Rehab