Back Pain caused by Disc Herniation

Our discs are made of a tough, fibrous out layer (annular fibrosis) and an inner jelly like nucleus (nucleus pulposes). The discs are designed to absorb shock so the bones of our spine don’t clunk together and allow for movement of the spine. When we age, the inner nucleus can dry out and allow the disc to become brittle and easier to tear or injure.

One of the most common causes of chronic low back pain is pressure being put on the lumbar nerve roots due to disc herniation. The severity of the disc bulge varies person to person and can come with a series of different sensations.

  • Local back pain
  • Sciatic pain down one or both legs
  • Numbness, tingling or weakness in the hip, groin or leg
  • Burning in back, hip, groin, knee or foot

What causes a disc bulge or herniation?

  • Trauma
  • Degeneration
  • Stress from obesity
  • Congenital defects in the disc

Our revolutionary non-surgical approach to disc pain relief!

Decompression therapy has been a proven method to treating disc herniation for years. Our highly skilled practitioners use the Advanced Triton DTS unit to target specific disc bulges and remove pressure away from the spinal chord and irritated nerve roots.