98% Of Patients Experience Pain Reduction Of 85% Or More

Proven Results

98% of our patients experience a reduce in pain of 85% or more and noticeable increases in range of motion and mobility.

Fast Results

Our revolutionary 6 week program of Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy has you back to enjoying your life in HALF the time of traditional therapy.

Covered By Medicare

Patients with Medicare and Secondary Insurance are covered 100% with no Out of Pocket Expense

What Our Patients Are Saying


They changed my life. I’ve dealt with knee pain for years and this was the first place that knew how to help. My knees used to flare up by the 5th hole of playing golf and I was thinking about quitting the game before I came to Arizona Medical and Sports Rehab. I didn’t want to have a knee replacement so a friend had told me to about this place. I limped in and 6 weeks later I was playing 18 holes. For the first time in forever I was able to kneel down and play with my grandkids. I can’t recommend Arizona Medical and Sports Rehab enough for anyone with knee pain.


Going up and down the stairs to do laundry with severe knee arthritis was very painful for me. A friend told me she had gotten great results at Arizona Medical and Sports Rehab so I made an appointment. In the first 15 minutes of being in the office I knew I was in the right place. They knew exactly where it hurt and I walked out of the office with hope for the first time in a long time. 3 weeks into care was the first time I walked down steps without pain. After 6 weeks I can say I’m amazed with how my knees feel. I can do things now I havent been able to do in years. Thank you Arizona Medical and Sports Rehab for changing my life.

3 Signs You May Have Osteoarthritis

1. Pain, Grinding or clicking sound in the knee walking up or down Steps

2. Pain or swelling is worse with when it rains or is humid

3. Stiffness in the morning that gets better with activity

How Does a Person Get Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory condition of the joints that slowly wears away cartilage over time. Many people have osteoarthritis and do not even know they have it. The average patient has had arthritis for 7 years before the symptoms of pain arise. There are 4 main risk factors for Osteoarthritis.

High Inflammatory Diet

Eating foods that cause inflammation can spur on an inflammatory condition such as osteoarthritis

Sedentary Life Style

Joints do not have a blood supply. In order to circulate fluid and maintain joint health, joints have to move frequently to pump out inflammation and toxins and soak up nutrients and hydration

Family History

There is a genetic component to Osteoarthritis. People whose parents suffered with arthritis are TWICE  as likely to experience osteoarthritis as those whose parents do not.


smoking decreases circulation and significantly raises the chances of developing osteoarthritis

How Joint Injections Help

Joint injections can be used to treat many different areas of the body that may be experiencing excessive pain and inflammation, including hips, knees, shoulders and hands. Joint pain often is caused by excessive friction or trauma within a joint.  One of the leading causes of joint pain is Arthritis, a degenerative disease that occurs when the cartilage lining the joint surface shrinks and wears thin causing stress on the bone, inflammation, and enlargement of the joint. Other causes of joint pain include gout, injury or overuse. 

Osteoarthritis Joint Injections

Osteoarthritis injections also known as gel injections, are used to help lubricate dry, arthritic joints.  During treatment, a substance called hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the  joint to add to the hyaluronic acid that the body makes naturally. In healthy joints, this fluid acts as a lubricant or shock absorber, helping the joints to glide without friction.

Anti-inflammatory Knee Injections For Pain Relief

When undergoing rehabilitation on an area for joint pain, sometimes the pain may be deep in the joint where the practitioner cannot stretch or provide therapy. Deep joint inflammation can limit the range of motion or cause movements to hurt, limiting the ability to complete exercises and therapies necessary to correct the underlying issue. Your doctor may order an anti-inflammatory joint injection to help you with your symptoms so that you can get the most out of your physical therapy.

How Long Do the Results Last? 

Although the injections do not change the underlying condition, they can break the cycle of pain and inflammation and allow time for exercise or physical therapy to strengthen muscles and restore motion to the joint.

For even longer lasting benefits, regenerative medicine may be recommended. These innovative techniques promote healing from within and the potential for permanent improvement.