Osteoarthritis in America

23 %

of US Adults have Arthritis

$ 81 Billion

Spent on Osteoarthritis in the US Annually

719 K

Knee Replacements performed in the US in 2010

$ 50 K

Average Hospital Charge for Knee Replacement

Are you considering knee surgery due to your osteoarthritic pain?  If so, you’re not alone. In 2010, over 712,000 knee replacements were performed in the United States. That figure continues to rise each year.  Unfortunately, knee replacements have many risks and some patients continue to feel pain long after surgery.

Over 54 million (23% of all adults) people in the United States suffer from arthritis*. With the life span of knee replacement surgery only being 15-30 years, it was time for a less invasive alternative.  The doctors at Arizona Medical and Sports Rehab use an innovative, non-surgical approach to the treatment of pain cause by Osteoarthritis. Over 92% (356/ 385) of patients reported a greater than 50% pain relief from this FDA approved non-surgical treatment*

  • 2016 Census by the Center of Disease Control
  • Data from study by: Nicholas Ghanem M. Sc courtesy of Physicians Rehabilitation